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Facebook unveils new features for Women Profile Pic Protection in India

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Considering the challenges women face, particularly in India, Facebook has come up with new features in its networking site. It has introduced Profile Picture Guard and unique design overlays.

Facebook in order to address the concern of women who upload their real photos of being misused and those who don’t upload their picture at all in the fear of such misuse, has come up with these protective features. First one being, Profile Picture Guard, it shields the profile picture from being downloaded, shared or sent via messages or in any other form in Facebook. It also disables people from taking screenshot in Android phones which have Protective Guard activated for their respective profile pictures.  Further, it also prevents people from tagging in the picture if one is not in the friend list. A blue border pops up as if it is a shield around the profile picture.

But At the same time Facebook cannot stop someone from taking pictures of the profile pics. So they have come up with a unique design overlays. In a test research Facebook found that 75% are less likely to copy the photo and redistribute it when parlays are overlaid.

As of now, these new protective features are only for users in India and it will take some time to introduce in other countries.