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SLP against Sharad Yadav to vacate official residence: A sign of growing tension in the NDA camp

The prevailing tension in the NDA camp is making them go after Individual leaders who could strengthen the opposition unity and thus pose a potential threat to their 2019 prospectus.
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SLP against Sharad Yadav to vacate official residence: A sign of growing tension in the NDA camp

Prakash Singh/AFP

Special Leave Petition to stay interim order of Delhi HC allowing Sharad Yadav to continue the use of official residence till it decides on the case is a sign of growing tension in the NDA camp. Usually, the recourse to Art 136 is rare and seen mostly in cases where gross injustice is observed or where a substantial question of law is involved.

So what is so special about this case wherein there is no substantial question of law involved or any gross injustice done, as the plea challenging disqualification is still pending before the court? Why the urgency in creating trouble for the veteran leader? The answer is simple, the respect and the acceptance that Sharad Yadav has among various political parties are unsettling the BJP and its allies. The role that he could play in bringing together parties and forming Mahagathbandhan among many North Indian states is a factor that worries BJP’s prospectus in 2019.

In Gujarat elections, Sharad Yadav while utilizing the auto rickshaw symbol of the Bharatiya Tribal Party won two seats of the five it contested. Now the Pro-Sharad Yadav group has started working towards mahagathbandhan in Madhya Pradesh. Its plan is to bring together Congress, Bharatiya Gondwana Party, Gondwana Gantantra Party, Bahujan Samaj Party, Bahujan Sangharsh Dal. Elections are due in December in Madhya Pradesh. In his home state of Bihar, he could bring out all the disgruntled Leaders in the JD (U) and make a pre-poll alliance along with RJD and Congress.

It is clear after Karnataka post-result drama of BJP, that a united opposition is a threat to the BJP’s 2019 prospectus. The seat projection in the south Indian States for NDA could come down drastically. And it has to protect its seats in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, among others as well, where it got the most in 2014.

Clearly, Socialist leader Sharad Yadav’s acceptance among regional parties of many states and his abilities to form a grand alliance against the BJP could tilt the result in favor of the former. Yadav has the moral strength and ability to stand up to this. He could bring them together under one roof and protect the interests of federal polity and the spirit of the constitution. He was the first Member of Parliament to resign in protest against Indira Gandhi’s proposed expansion of Lok Sabha term by one year during the emergency. He also resigned from membership of parliament when his name came in Hawala Scandal citing moral grounds, though his name was later cleared by the top court.

JD (U) is clearly following the BJP directives in troubling the socialist leader because of his strength in unsettling the BJP in Delhi in 2019. The special leave petition though not special is a clear vendetta and a move to keep the veteran leader in a negative light among the masses. The directions of the SC court is but one aspect but the public would understand this as a clear message that BJP is nervous even in North India and resorting to personal attacks.