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The Bad Dream!

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The Bad Dream

In sleep, I dream! We dream! Every living being dreams! But when we wake up, the dreams sleep! Well, there are actually some dreams, which are immortal.  They repeat everyday, like our memories do. My name is Karuda. I had one such dream and it was all BAD!
It was 7.30 in the morning! I was in a deep sleep and I could hardly hear the alarm beep. But my hand was already searching for the snooze and BLOOP! It was all silent for a moment and I woke up. As I was stretching myself to find my specs, the hands of the clock agreed that it’s half past eight. One hour in a moment??? OMG! I screamed as I jumped out of my bed. That wasn’t a normal day. I had to rush immediately to attend a meeting at 9.15. Splashhyy! 8.45! I was ready. Never in my life had I known a man could tailor himself in 15 minutes. I started locking my door, pushing the sandwich between my teeth and then suddenly all the drama stopped.

My Mom’s standing beside me. What’s she doing here? She’s fixing a sticker on my door. The sticker, with a big picture of əʊm (ॐ)read, “Asatoma Sad gamaya, Tamasoma Jyotir gamaya, Mrytyorma amrutam gamaya, Om shanti shanti shanti.” She stretched her hand entreating my commitment and told me-“We should always be grateful to God who gave us everything. For the day and everything you do in it, stop for a moment, thank him and pray before you start it.” I tried to promise her and she just disappeared. Oh wait! I looked around and it was just an illusion. The incident happened over a year ago, when she left me alone here and I have been experiencing it almost daily. Today, I thought I should go back inside, pray for a minute and come back. But, my smart watch was already prioritizing things, reminding me that I was running late. Mom, I am Sorry! I am making an excuse even this morning :(. But I need to move now.

Walking down the stairs, I was feeling bad inside. Just as I reached the basement, I saw many people. There were children rushing to their schools, their parents to work, few old men returning from their walk and an old lady with a gentle smile on her face and a basket full of sunflowers. She must, probably be returning from a temple, I thought. Amidst all of them, was an old man, in uniform, saluting everyone passing by! EVERYONE! Irrespective of their age. Who’s he? OH! The Watchman! He was almost seventy. But, it was his duty and he’s sincerely performing it. No one wished him back, but he never stopped. As I reached the gate, he repeated the same gesture, standing strong. It all happened in a minute and before I thought I should wish him back, I was too late and I already reached the main road. I looked back and felt sorry. I convinced my heart. “Dear Watchman! I’m sorry.” Making excuses is always easy and to that list, I just added another.

It was almost 9. I reached the bus stop and I was waiting for the 9’O 5 bus. The bus stop was very young, fresh and colorful. The bus never came on time. I knew it wouldn’t come today either. For a moment, I felt the seconds hand was moving slower than the minute’s. Then I saw this lady, very young lady, holding her baby in one hand and imploring through the other. YES! She’s a beggar. She knew, these adroit, clever, well-mannered, debonair clans would never try to help her, but she wasn’t losing hope, her hand wasn’t getting tired. No one was even trying to support her. Rather, they were looking at her in disgust. I thought I shouldn’t be ignorant. I offered her a fifty rupee note while she reached me. To my surprise, she didn’t accept and she humbly requested in a puny voice-“Saar! Nanage Paisa bekilla! Nanage swalpa aahara kodisi sahaya maadi saar.”(Sir, I don’t need money. Please help me get some food)

I was moved. I was touched. How genuine her request was? How did these people even spurn it? I thought I should get her some food, at least for her baby. I looked around. There wasn’t any hotel or a store. I started walking back and POMP! A loud horn. The Bus! Oh God! Blemished timing! Please don’t do this to her. If I miss this bus, I need to wait for twenty more minutes. I was helpless and I thought that should be her curse. I just gave her the money and I left. As I sat in the bus, there were many questions unanswered. Why didn’t she accept my money? How did the bus come on time today? Isn’t anyone giving her food even for the money, by the way she looked? Does she have energy, patience to go and buy? God knows! She was ugly in her looks, poor in her attire. But her request was sincere. I wished someone should help her. Excuse number four and I convinced my self. “I am sorry young lady!” and I moved on.

The bus was slowly getting crowded and all the seats were getting filled. “Fourth stop from here is my office and it would take about 15 minutes.” In the next stop, an old man boarded and his friend followed. They were too old to withstand the speeds and jerks but no one’s looking at them. I thought I should offer him my seat. “But, where will his friend sit? Or, am I thinking too much? No one around is caring. Even, the two old men seem to be happy. It’s fine. I will just get down in five minutes. They can occupy it then.” I resumed my playlist. And suddenly, in the next stop, almost twenty people boarded. The bus was heavily occupied. I could sense his distress now and I thought I shouldn’t wait. My grandfather too would have wanted to sit if some one offered him a seat. I got up, strode a couple of inches and signed to him. He smiled and I was happy. He came all the way in between the riff-raff! But where’s my seat? It was occupied. This fat, plump faced dunce! He sat as soon as I got up and it was clear he was trying to ignore us. What amused me was-“How did this fat boar even fit in so narrow a space?” I turned to the old man and I said sorry! He smiled and said “Thanks!” As I got down the bus, I saw the old man standing. Yet again, I convinced myself-“I should have let you sit when you entered. I am sorry old man.”

I rushed to my desk and no one’s there. Oh gosh! The meeting started. I was peeping in through the door, being hesitant to open and my manager, on seeing me, asked me to come in. It was all about budget and schedule proposals. He was demonstrating something that’s impossible. No one’s opposing either. We knew we could definitely run out of time and budget if we adhere to this. For almost 5 hours, it was boring. Some slept and some silently wept. But, we all clapped as he finished. In the lunch, I told him it is not possible and what I got? A strident reply- “It’s all about false promises. Learn it!”

Oh! Is he asking me to learn something wrong?
No. He is asking me to learn what we do.
But are we doing something wrong?
Yes! May be! Being faithless and disloyal is wrong.
Then why weren’t anyone opposing? They are afraid. Alas! No one listens to them.
Then what should I do?
Always Do what you think is right.

Am I on this earth? Where’s obedience? Where’s respect? Where’s humanity? Where’s loyalty? Where’s truth? For a second, I thought “We are leading on a bad path and the bad part is we know it.” I was feeling tired and sick as I left the office.  Tired of thinking and sick with feeling. I could hardly remember anything from then. On my way, I got some apples for the watchman, but he already left. I threw one to a dog on the street which was groaning and I reached home. I had some milk and apples. I locked the door and quickly I was helping myself on bed to fall asleep! And I slept!


I slept. Let me open the door and show you my master’s room. Oh! My master didn’t sleep. He is awake. He is writing something. Whatever! He should have fallen asleep by now.

Go to sleep! Goooooooooo! (I was screaming)
I am not moving. Tears are rolling down my eyes. Why is my master crying?
I don’t know, but go to sleep! I can come only if you sleep.

I am already alive! How was I born? How was I born when my master is still awake?
Ain’t I your dream?
You’re awake master and I, definitely am not your dream.

Then who am I?
Am I your conscience? Yes, I am. I am your conscience.
WHOA!!! This wasn’t a dream master. You just revisited your day and I witnessed it
as you wrote everything. Whoa!!!

But Master, why are you crying?
What did you write?
Show me. Oh! You wrote
Tee, hech, ee- The; Dee, ay, vie- Day; DoubleU, ay, ess- Was; Ay, el, el- all; Bee, ay, dee- Bad!
The day was all bad!
The day was all bad!
The day was all bad!
Yes Master, Our day was all bad. When I wanted to help everyone out there, you convinced me and you just said a sorry.
Now, let me convince you. I am sorry master! I am helpless. You should weep for our acts. We don’t deserve any sympathy.
I am sorry Master! ________________________________________________________________________________

A dream is never immortal. If it is, it isn’t a dream at all. It is our sub conscious. It is a mere reflection of our thoughts.

I often experience many such incidents and I always repent of what I did. I know, many of my fellow beings too undergo such circs. I want us all to react before all our days go BAD! Bad dreams are harmless. But, bad actions are definitely not.

My grand father once told me, “The good things we do always keep us positive. They give us strong sleep and for the next day, they are the pathfinders to our success. And it’s obvious the cycle goes round and we call it Karma. So, if you’re not feeling good, actually, you are not doing any good. Think about it.”

A sincere attempt to make my people think!

Man is a social animal and only we should help each other.
There are many people, poor, needy, helpless and disabled, in our society.
I am not asking you to hunt them and help them. But when you get a chance to, please don’t ignore them.
After all, we are al
l children of the same planet and we are all related to each other!


Protect Human! Help Human! Be Human


Varun Kuruvada
Pen Name : (K’g’aruda)


  • Vineesha Kasireddy

    Nice way of conveying the message !! 🙂

    • Varun Kuruvada

      Thanks@ Vineesha… Thanks for the comment and thanks for the Tuzki 😉 (y)

  • Karthik

    Nice write up..way to go my boy

    • Varun Kuruvada

      Thanks @ Konicks. Please stay tuned. Coming up with a new and interesting one.

  • Chinmayee

    It’s very interesting and inspiring. Ur grandpas words are more effective …. True… To be followed.. I love the way u delivered ur message by real time experiences. I will definitely follow this ..not just by words..with action.. Thanks for sharing ur message.. Expecting more such articles from u. Good luck

    • Varun Kuruvada

      Thanks@ Chinmayee for the appreciation. Always needed the support.
      Yes! Coming up with another interesting one. Stay tuned! 🙂

  • yanamala Kartheek

    Super swamy, …….. Thats a great message for everyone!!
    BTW, The good things we do always keep us positive…. Thats a great Line.!!

    • Varun Kuruvada

      Thanks @Yanu… Your support is always an encouragement.
      Stay Tuned… Coming up with a new article.

  • nitesh tammana

    Your pen will make people think 🙂 atleast it starts from me if am not wrong!
    Bow to your thought !!
    Be human! Live human!

    • Varun Kuruvada

      Thanks Brother. Ultimate purpose is to infuse the message.
      Would be happiest if it is served.

  • Girija Yayavaram

    the way you presented the things is commendable. This is a simple passion an average individal have to wards humanity. But to over come that feelings or succeed as per our will and wish is humane. I met with an incident that happend 3 months back. An old lady who was practically immovable laid on the road side path way near my office. I used to offer haer some food now and then . But I never bother about her care. She was thrown to much hard ship during pouring rains and burning summer. I was just looking and sympathising at her condition. When she died in heavy rains , her body was just rolled down the pavement and some Auto rikshaw drivers did their best to hand over her body to Municipality. I could not excuse my self for that incident . I hate my behaviour and false thoughts which have no practical action

  • Kartik

    Hey Varun.

    Awesome work !!

    Message conveyed in a beautiful manner.

    Keep it up..

    Continue writing the same way.

    All the Best.

    • Varun Kuruvada

      Thanks Man!
      I am glad you liked it 🙂
      Sure yeah! Coming up with a new article. So please stay tuned!!!

  • yasashu

    Marvellous story swamy….excellent way to linkup common man behavior with ignoring relations…The way you conveyed is amazing,Interesting!!
    A dream is never immortal…

    Keep it alive…To live in a more conscious way!!

    Way to go…good luck daddy…

    • Varun Kuruvada

      Thanks@ SS.
      Thanks a lot.

  • Vaddigiri Sreekanth

    Great patience and good work! The words said by your grandfather is very inspiring and made me to think. At last awesome tag line in the end
    “Protect Human! Help Human! Be Human.”

    • Varun Kuruvada

      Thanks ra @ Sreekanth.
      Actually, everything is just my projection… It would be very effective, when a old and experienced person tells something. So, I brought my grandfather in..
      New one is coming up. So, stay tuned! 🙂

  • Vamsi Sampath

    Awesome bro 🙂 You did it again, after Kumbakonam Nostalgic. You Rock !!

    • Varun Kuruvada

      Thanks @Vamsi… Thanks a lot.

  • Gauthami

    Use of simple words …..
    Untold but realized story of every human….
    Thumbs up !!!! 🙂 🙂

    • Varun Kuruvada

      Thanks a lot 🙂 @ Gauthami

  • Avinash Muduthanapally

    Good Narration Skills Bro., Hope to read your next ones in near future…

    • Varun Kuruvada

      Thanks Man! Yeah! Coming up with a new one. Stay tuned! 🙂

  • Sreenivas

    Great write-up Varun..!! Keep it up..!!

    • Varun Kuruvada

      Thanks Seeni 🙂

  • M C Gowtham

    A very good writing varun. I like the way you presented it and the incidents you mentioned would have crossed most of our lives. As you said let us stop thinking and start acting. Help as many as we can not to get a good name in the society but for a peaceful heart. Remember, Earth is a round.. not always will we be in the offering end someday we might be in the receiving end too. Cheers!

    • Varun Kuruvada

      Thanks Gowtham! Cheers!