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Stories are like time machines – they make you time travel.
They are like teleporters – they transport you in and out of fantasies.
They are like magic and panacea – they charm, heal and revive.
A story – whether real or imaginary, poetic or prose – is an account of an experience or reiteration of facts or expression of creativity.
Each one of us is a part of a story – one’s own life. All such stories intertwine to unfold yet another story – that of the world.

The Relato is our effort to bring to you a few of such stories – online and offline. Here’s how:
To the modern busy and computer-loving readers, this website is place enough to satiate their literary hunger.
We setup libraries – yes, you read it right – the good old places where people used to read books rather than virtually flipping through virtual pages of virtual (read electronic) books.
To the knowledge-hungry, just reading isn’t enough. They need people to exchange views with. This led us to the idea of Discussions. So, members of our community could engage in discussions at their will in our DisQus Rooms in The Relato Libraries.

Whichever category you belong to, we wish you a Happy reading with The Relato!!

If you’re interested in writing and would like to share your stories with us, please mail us at!