Seven Movies You Need To Watch During Your Teenage

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Seven Movies You Need To Watch During Your Teenage

We all will agree on one thing, teenage can be difficult. High school or people who you're about to take that giant leap into adulthood, will totally relate to all of the incredible movies out there that are all about being a teenager. Even during my teenage, I used to look for ultimate romantic comedy or movies about a teenager that I could relate to. I am pretty sure you people also need a list for movies These films are the best of the best when it comes to showing what it's really like to be a teenager nowadays.

These movies cover everything of our teenage life starting from dealing with those awkward moments when you’re around your crush to figuring out how you’re going to deal with college. So it’s time for you to grab some popcorn and get ready to explore all these movies. 


Here we are listing seven movies that you need to watch before you enter your adulthood.

 High School Musical (2006): The ultimate Disney franchise is High School Musical.It made us all fall in love with Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron. In short, the story dealt with a Basketball star Troy Bolton who is struggling to make a difficult decision. And it was a dilemma between being himself or continuing to be the person everyone has always seen him. It all starts when a new girl in school tries to get him to audition for the school musical.

Mean Girls (2004): Mean Girls is a classic movie for every teenager. Full of high school drama and iconic dialogues make the movie stand apart from every teenage movie. It’s a must-watch for teenagers. The story starts with Cady Heron joins the public school and get into trouble when she falls in love with Aron, Regina’s ex-boyfriend. 

 A Cinderella Story (2004): A re-imagination of the age-old Cinderella story starring Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray is an amazing movie for every teenager. This movie series has three movies in its store. The first movie was definitely a classic. But the other three movies are also noteworthy.

The Princess Diaries (2001): Everyone dreams of finding out they're a princess. Our protagonist of this story is Mia Thermopolis who happens to be a weird teenager, always bullied in school finds that she is a princess of the fictional country of Genovia. And naturally, her life completely changes. But being a princess is not easy for her. Watch this movie to get an amazing experience of the royal adventure.

Love, Simon (2018): Simon Spier kept his sexual orientation hidden from his family. A blackmailer threatens to reveal it and his life turns into a roller-coaster journey to come to terms with his identity. Nick Robinson stole our hearts in this role as he played Simon, a teenager who is afraid to come out to his friends and family but finds love from an unexpected place.

The Kissing Booth (2018): This is a Netflix original movie that will give you all the feels. The story revolves around high school student Elle who finds herself face-to-face with her long-term crush (and when she signs up to run a kissing booth at the spring carnival. This movie is a must-watch for all those teenagers who have faced awkward situations in front of their crushes.

 The Perks of Being a Wallflower(2012): Charlie is a socially awkward wallflower who has always experienced life from the sidelines. But his life changed when free-spirited Sam and her stepbrother Patrick become his friends. Both of them help Charlie come out of his shell and Charlie discovers the true joy of friendship and love.

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