Seven Murder Mystery Books That Will Keep You Up All Night

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Seven Murder Mystery Books That Will Keep You Up All Night

Theres something satisfying for the readers about every murder mystery book. Though the crime of murder is terrifying, it adds horror and thrill to these stories. You can feel the danger of murder looming upon the characters but still enjoying the satisfaction of solving the crime in the foreground of the story. We all know that at the end of the story we would get the identification of the murderer.

Even the bad murder mysteries are fun to read. It is really easy to find a whole lot of badly written murder mystery novels that have great readers because we just die to find out the culprit. But it is quite difficult to find a story that sticks with you long after reading them. It is the quality that every good novel has.

We know that readers go through a lot of struggle while finding the right murder mystery novel. But no worries. Relato is here with a list of murder mysteries that have the potential to keep you up all night.

1. THE SECRET PLACE BY TANA FRENCH: This novel is a perfect mix of boarding school fiction and murder mystery, which is the best of both worlds for mystery lovers. The story goes like a boy is found murdered on the grounds of an all-girl boarding school, and the only lead Detective Stephen Moran has is a note on a bulletin board that says, I know who killed him. The novel is half told through the perspective of the detective as he works to solve the crime while the other half is narrated months before the murder from the perspective of a teenage girl at the boarding school. The book is filled with richly depicted characters and intriguing storyline.

2. SIX SUSPECTS BY VIKAS SWARUP: For the authors introduction, have you people watched Slumdog Millionaire? Vikas Swarups bookQ &A was adapted for the movie. But this novel is intriguing. It starts with investigative journalist Arun Advani tries to get to the bottom of the murder of playboy Vicky Rai, who was killed at his own party. Six people are suspects, all very different people with different motives. What the reader gets with this novel is an in-depth exploration of all of the suspects as well as an exploration of contemporary India itself.

3. BLUEBIRD, BLUEBIRD BY ATTICA LOCKE: Two murders happen in mysterious circumstances. One is the murder of a black lawyer from Chicago and the other is the murder of a local white woman. Darren Matthews, a black Texas Ranger, is called to the small town of Lark to investigate two murders that may or may not be connected. The protagonist of our story Darren Matthews has complicated feelings surrounding the case for many reasons, which makes him realistic and fascinating.

4. THE CUCKOOS CALLING BY ROBERT GALBRAITH: Yes, You are right. Thats the pen name of J.K Rowling and no one can question her writing as we all know her record-breaking success of Harry Potter series. In this novel, Detective Cormoran Strike investigates the suicide of famous actress Lula Landry. Of course, we quickly discover that her death was not a suicide but a murder. We recommend starting with this one, the first in the series, and then reading the other two in order.

5. THE DARK LAKE BY SARAH BAILEY: A Small-town detective Gemma Woodstock hears the news about the death of her former high school classmate Rosalind Ryan, who was found strangled and floating in the lake. She begins to uncover the secrets surrounding Rosalinds death, Gemma discovers her former classmates life was a whole lot more mysterious and complicated than she had imagined. This book will guarantee you chills. Give it a shot. 

6. ONE OF US IS LYING BY KAREN M. MCMANUS: If youre looking for a compelling young adult murder mystery the how about a book that has a mixture of breakfast club and gossip girl. Five students walk into detention, but only four walk out alive. Isnt it interesting?

7. NIGHT FILM BY MARISHA PESSL: Well this book stands out as it is more of a thriller. Journalist Scott McGrath investigates the death of Ashley Cordova, the daughter of a controversial film director. Meanwhile, he finds out that his life is in danger too. The story gets exciting with each unfolding event and keeps you hooked to the book. All we can say is that the book worth your time.


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