Aloo Kabli - Kotkata street food

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Aloo Kabli - Kotkata street food

Ingredients To Be Used

3 boiled potatoes

30 g boiled whole yellow peas

30 g sprouted chhola

20 g onions (finely chopped)

3 g green chillies (finely chopped)

5 g coriander (finely chopped)

30 g cucumber (diced)

30 g tomato (diced)

10 g tamarind (soaked in 40g water)

1 tsp masala mix

black salt

Aloo Kabli Masala mix

1 tsp- Cumin seeds

1 tsp- Coriander seeds

a pinch- Ajwain/Carom seeds

1-2- Whole dry red chilli

Instructions for the masala mix

Dry roast all the ingredients mentioned under Aloo Kabli Masala mix over medium heat until fragrant. After the roast is done, let the spices cool completely. Grind them well and keep aside.


Preparation before cooking 

Soak the tamarind into ½ cup of water for half n hour. Strain the tamarind water in a separate bowl, keep aside for further use.

 Soak black chickpeas overnight with 2 cups of water and soak yellow dried peas/motor in a generous amount of water for 5-6 hours.  The next day discards the water, wash the chickpeas 2-3 times and pressure cook with enough water, and ½ tsp of salt. Take off the flame after 6-8 whistles. Open the lid after pressure has reduced. Take out the boiled chickpeas in a bowl. And wash the yellow dried peas in running water, then pressure cook with enough water, Take off the flame after 3-4 whistles. And keep the yellow dried peas aside in a bowl.

How to cook?

In a bowl add boiled potatoes, black chickpeas, aloo kabli masala, 5-6 tsp of tamarind water, black salt, boiled yellow peas, green chilies, and chopped onion. Mix well. Adjust salt. Serve this immediately into small bowls.





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