Zero Contact Policy - What does it truly mean?

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Zero Contact Policy - What does it truly mean?

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It is a good thing that finally people started taking real measures to fight COVID-19. Yes, there was some chaos initially and lack of proper awareness could be one of the reasons for that. Especially in metro and cosmo cities, people strictly confined themselves to apartments – thanks to all Delivery Executives who made this possible delivering all essentials at doors.


Talking about Deliveries, almost all e-Commerce platforms claim to have been following World-class Hygiene and Corona Control Measures to ensure the safety of their Delivery partners/Executives. Meanwhile the word "Zero Contact Delivery" has been coined and is being used extensively everywhere these days. So what exactly is a “Zero Contact Delivery”? Large E-Commerce players in the markets defined it as – a product/service delivered to the end-user avoiding physical contact between both the Executive and User. It's great that companies took this initiative, but the big question is – does this stop spreading the virus?


Our answer would be a BIG NO! 


We started doing my research with some food delivery apps to understand all the possible contact points so that I could design solutions to be adopted in our operations. So let's take a look at all possible contact points (possibility of spreading virus):


1. Restaurant people purchasing veggies etc., from the market. Here the source could be veggies themselves until both vendors and buyers wear gloves and Masks. 


2. The packing material (bags/covers) used to carry them to the restaurant. 


3. Chefs who cook the food and people who pack them. If any 1 person is a carrier, there are huge chances of having the virus on the covers/packages.


4. The delivery executives who collect the packs from the restaurant. (I'm very positive that I haven't seen one delivery executive wearing gloves) 


5. And now finally to deliver at your home or apartment, he/she might come into contact with

the gate, railings, stairs, lift door, calling bell, and your front door too. (You can't practically keep

sanitizing all these daily) 


The situation in large gated communities is much worse. Though most communities denied entry to Delivery Boys, the package during transit might come into contact with walls, lift gates, etc, which again is a huge threat. So considering all possible options we at have adopted few measures to ensure "Zero Contact" – but only this time we deleted completed contact with the virus (literally Zero Contact). Below are the measures we take care of starting from Procuring Milk to delivering the same at your door.


1. Right during Milking our worker after sanitizing his hands wears a Mask and starts Milking. 


2. Our procurement boys sanitize hands thoroughly and wear Surgical Gloves every time before and after handling any Vessel to collect the Milk. 


3. After reaching our packing unit, the old gloves are disposed of, hands sanitized again and they wear a new pair of gloves before entering into the Unit.


 4. Our workers who are involved with handling Glass Bottles filling have been wearing gloves, masks, and headcovers all along from the start, long before we ever even heard of COVID-19.


5. Our delivery executives again sanitize their hands and wear gloves to enter into our dispatch section. 


6. Most importantly since all our operations start at 1 am and deliveries are done by 7 am, they have the least possible human contact. 


7. All our delivery executives have been well informed on how to handle gates, lift doors, etc., without using their palms/fingers. Using the Elbow joint and part of Fore-arm all the time is much recommended as we seldom use these areas while handling actual objects. 


8. All our boys complete their deliveries in 2hrs time, report to our Unit, dispose of their gloves, sanitize hands again, and take leave for the day. 


We recommend you to take care of your family all the time. Feel free to follow our practices if you find them useful. Frequent washing of hands and social distancing (avoiding physical contact) is recommendable all the time. Keep busy, have fun with your family, and take part in nonprofit activities to support the needy. I hope we all follow these even after all this is over.





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