What Covid-19 means for the marketers?

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What Covid-19 means for the marketers?

All of a sudden a virus called Covid-19 came into existence and slapped us hard on the face. Covid-19 seemingly changed our perspective towards life and made us realize that nothing is permanent. We are witnessing businesses shutting down, the global economy in distress, group gathering ban, shortage of foods. No one knows when this pandemic end will or when will we see a better day, but one thing that is surely going to happen the global stock market crash and many big and small businesses will be affected.

A big no to fear monger

The very first rule of any global pandemic should be a red light to stop exploiting people’s fears. People are already getting an ocean of news through television and online platforms. There are several rumors that startups will be closed, no business can survive the .pandemic, no one would get salary, etc. While we all know a few of the fears have chances to become reality, still we all need to stop the panic among us and help the companies to do their work remotely. Many are circulating that companies doing business with essential stuff are earning a large amount of profit which is true as well. But that success is temporary and once the pandemic is over, everything would be normal again.

Accepting the struggle

Even if the Covid-19 slows down soon, still the businesses are going to struggle for well over a year because of the lockdown. They will have to make up for their losses. In China the virus caused retail sales to drop by 20.5% and the unemployment rate jumped to 6.2 in February. So naturally, startup companies are also going to face a toll. Apple has temporality shut down its company during the lockdown but they can pay their employees during their temporary shutdown. Not all companies have their bank balance to do the same. Startups are going to see difficult times but eventually, they will overcome the situation too.

Organic traffic is a lost case now

 We, the marketers work with hundreds of clients in different industries in our company. We all deal with data. So we decided to check the status of the organic traffic from a global perspective. We noticed a huge reduction of organic traffic due to the ongoing pandemic. Panicking after seeing the decreasing numbers is not an option. Once we get over the covid-19 attack, the business will resume and we would start seeing improvement in the organic traffic as well.

Trying new opportunities 

COVID-19 has accelerated customer acquisition as a market condition is favoring some particular brands. For example, there has been a significant business improvement in cannabis sales, as California labeled cannabis companies “essential businesses” for their health benefits. In this case, self-quarantine causes customers stuck at home to try new products especially those which are essential for their physical health or food habits. Trying those fields can help in crises.

We all understand that it is a tough situation for all of us. Our only option is to be patient, follow all the rules suggested by the government and health care workers. This shall pass too.



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