Seven Hobbies To Take Up During Lock Down To Keep Yourself Busy

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Seven Hobbies To Take Up During Lock Down To Keep Yourself Busy

The sudden emergence of the terrifying coronavirus has locked us all in our homes. And we all are trying to find new ways to cope up with the boredom. If your life in isolation so far is revolving around binging TV shows then it might be time to try a new approach. Engaging yourself in a new hobby can be really good for mental health and reducing stress, and with most of us spending our days locked up inside, it’s never been more important to prioritize our mental health. From learning new skills to flexing your creative muscles, here we are listing some hobbies that you can try to keep yourself busy.


Painting: If you are into painting then it’s the right time to try your hands on it again. YouTube has plenty of beginner tutorials for learning the basics of painting with acrylics or watercolors. You can take help from those and create your own masterpieces. If you feel you are getting good at it, you can even have a go at creating your own take on the contemporary abstract and line work – both of which are popular in the interiors world right now.


Learn a new language: Staying away from your city? And have always struggled to understand the local language? Maybe this is the right opportunity to solve that issue permanently. Learn the local language of the city you are in. Or if you are interested in any foreign language, that is great too. Use the internet for any kind of help. You will find plenty of language classes on many online platforms.


 Knitting: Are you interested in a little more old-school hobby? Knitting is probably one of the most mindful hobbies ever you will come across. YouTube is a treasure trove of content for beginner knitters. It has tutorials from how to nail the essential knit stitch to switching up your designs with different colors and patterns. Use this lockdown to make a special muffler maybe? 


Yoga: They say ‘Yoga Se Hi Hoga’. Try this yoga theory at home. Yoga can lift your spirit and enrich your soul with positivity. Take out one or two hours of your day to practice basic Yoga. There are many tutorials available on the internet you can take help from.


Creative Writing: Love reading fiction? Why not try writing it too? Write a story or poetry in the language you are comfortable in. If not fiction, then record your daily life in a journal. It helps you reduce stress and improves your mental health. If you are interested in publishing your stories or poems, then there are many self-publishing sites on the internet where you can publish your writing and get feedback from the readers.


Makeup Lesson: Before you come to any conclusion, that this particular point is for girls, let me tell you men can use makeup too. There are men, makeup artists, around the world. While many women are there who would be interested in brushing up their makeup skills, there would be men who would love to do the same. For example, men who love comic books and goes to comic cons would definitely want to learn a new look. 

Gardening: If you’re lucky enough to have a small garden in your balcony or roof, then why not brushing up that skill? A simple Google search can bring up a wealth of information on how to look after your plants, keep your soil healthy and attract some new wildlife into your garden. You can grow small vegetables as well which will definitely help you in this lockdown season!








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